Bout of Books 20 TBR Pile.

August 20, 2017

It’s almost Bout of Books time!! Are you excited? I am. SO EXCITED.

Anyway, I suddenly realised that I need to post my TBR pile. (Although let’s face it, I’m not gonna stick to it. I never do.) BUT I like having some kind of plan for Bout of Books, and part of the fun is going round and commenting on everyone’s TBR pile and getting excited with everybody, so here it is.

I’d like to get around 1,000 pages read this week, even though I’m working 6 days this week (boo!) but having the boxing happening on Saturday is gonna help, as I’ll have plenty of reading time while I (attempt) to stay awake long enough to watch the match with Adam. So for that reason, I’m mainly going to be focusing on e-books, because it’s easier to read undisturbed with a tablet compared to a physical book. But I also want to read Six of Crows, so that might happen. Or possibly Vampire Academy. Or maybe When Dimple Met Rishi. SO MANY BOOKS THAT I WANT TO READ BUT CAN’T POSSIBLY FIT INTO A SINGLE 47.5 HOUR WORKING WEEK.


So, after a quick study of my Kindle Library, I’ve picked out a few of the titles that have snagged my interest.

Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch sounds like such a ‘me’ read, about self-discovery and discovering more about the family you didn’t know you had, all set in beautiful Tuscany. I couldn’t resist when I spotted this as a Kindle freebie, and I will not be leaving it to fester unforgotten on my Kindle. (I hope. Heh.)

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken has been on my TBR pile (and Kindle) for longer than I want to remember, so I think it’s about time to finally settle down and invest myself in the story. Everyone and their dog seems to rave about Alexandra Bracken’s writing, so I’m hoping I’ll feel the same way when I settle down with this.

The Sunshine and Biscotti Club by Jenny Oliver is another book set in Tuscany (oops. Getting myself ready for my Italian Adventure next year, through the wonderful world of books.) and involves baking, so it’s a win-win in my eyes. The synopsis sounds pretty good too, and I am loving adult romances at the moment so yeah. This will hopefully be a pleasantly fast read for me.

So there’s a tentative TBR pile for you all, whether or not I’ll stick to it is another thing. (Let’s be real, if I do, it’s a miracle.)

Are you taking part in Bout of Books? (If not, why not?! Best readathon around I tells ya!) If you are, what are you planning on picking up?


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