Bloggiesta Spring 2015 Sign-Up & Goals

March 15, 2015

bloggiestalogo.gifOooh, a week-long Bloggiesta?! I’m all ears!

So, it’s Bloggiesta time again, something that I’m thrilled about! It’s running from 23rd March to 29th March, and it’s all about getting those blogging things done that you just keep putting off. I won’t actually be able to put in a lot of computer-time during this Bloggiesta, so I’m going to try and focus on things that I can do away from my computer, and then really dedicate and focus my computer-time well.

So, what do I plan on doing?

-Draft any remaining book reviews
-Write the posts I have titles for, but no content
-Plan out some playlists/music posts
-Plan out some posts for the new ‘Saturday 6’ feature I’m playing with
-Keep on updating my old reviews into the Ultimate Book Blogger Plug-in format
-Add reviews onto Goodreads (gulp. Seriously abandoned this!)
-Check out the mini-challenges
-Comment, comment, comment
-Update my About Me page
-Update my Contact Me page


14 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Spring 2015 Sign-Up & Goals

    1. Hollie Post author

      I leave Goodreads til the end because I like getting a full review on the blog first, but then I get a backlog of reviews that need posting there!

    1. Hollie Post author

      I’ve only really just started playing with it properly, but I’m converted! Thanks for the Goodreads tip, that’s so handy to know! Definitely a good timesaver 🙂


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