March Goals

March 4, 2015

March GoalsI like setting myself goals. And I like writing lists (in case Top Ten Tuesday didn’t give it away), so I figured why not combine both those things together and create a blog post about my monthly goals so I can try and make myself a little more accountable.

-Post on Instagram daily.
So I’ve managed to become an ace Instagram lurker, but I don’t post all that regularly, so I’m trying to change that by posting daily for a month. Turns out Instagram is more enjoyable when you actually post your own stuff instead of stalking someone’s recent make-up/book purchases. Or their meals. I like stalking people’s food on Instagram. Not ashamed to admit that.

-Workout for a total of 4 hours this month.
I’m trying to ease myself back into exercising slowly so I’m more encouraged to continue with it, so I’m aiming for at least 4 hours of activity in March, which can vary from hula-hooping to zumba to skipping to 30 Day Shred.

-Drink lots of water.
I do so well and then I start slipping up at the weekend, which I really want to change because I’m terrible at keeping myself hydrated properly.

-Blog more.
I’ve brainstormed a ton of new post ideas, and I’m actually really excited to write them all and share them with everyone. Yay blogging!

-Finish Unit 1 of my NVQ.
This bloody NVQ will be the death of me. Unit 1 is the hardest unit, so everyone gets told to save it until last, which I’ve done, and I have half a question to go, but finding the motivation to complete it is proving tricky.

Do you set yourself monthly goals? What are you aiming to achieve in March? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “March Goals

    1. Hollie Post author

      Thank you!! I’ve just gotten that last unit finished (finally!) so now I just have to wait for my feedback to come through!


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