Perfect Playlist #19

February 26, 2015


Perfect Playlist is a feature highlighting some of my recent favourite songs. I’ve come to realise that I don’t talk about music nearly enough on the blog, and I really need to change that, so I figured that sharing some of the music that I’ve been listening to lately would be a good way to do so. This feature is inspired by Listen Up at Rachel Reads.

There’s several pros to having a music-loving boyfriend. One of those has to be the constant music recommendations he gives me, there’s so many that his favourite bands are slowly taking over my starred playlist on Spotify, which keeps us both happy. 3 Doors Down are one such band, one of his favourites actually, so I figured I’d share with you three of my favourite songs of theirs.

3 Doors Down – Away From the Sun

3 Doors Down – Time of My Life

3 Doors Down – When I’m Gone

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