Perfect Playlist #18

January 29, 2015


Perfect Playlist is a feature highlighting some of my recent favourite songs. I’ve come to realise that I don’t talk about music nearly enough on the blog, and I really need to change that, so I figured that sharing some of the music that I’ve been listening to lately would be a good way to do so. This feature is inspired by Listen Up at Rachel Reads.

Ed Sheeran is someone who I fell in love with immediately after first listening to his music. His voice has so much emotion in it, and his song-writing skills are exemplary. Both his albums have lived in my car on an almost permanent basis, I love them that much.


Afire Love

Cold Coffee

2 thoughts on “Perfect Playlist #18

  1. Mia Carson

    Ed Sheeran is mad talented. He’s always great for rainy days for me 🙂 Maybe look into Matt Corby? He’s got a beautiful voice, and his music is so charming. Great post!

    1. Hollie Post author

      I flipping love Matt Corby, I just never listen to him enough! Thanks for the reminder though, I’m definitely going to listen to more of his stuff now!


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