Mini Review: Cupcakes and Chardonnay by Julia Gabriel

January 10, 2015

Mini Review: Cupcakes and Chardonnay by Julia GabrielCupcakes and Chardonnay by Julia Gabriel
Published by Smashwords on 12th February 2013
Source: Kindle Freebie
Pages: 134
A marriage of sweet convenience ... and intoxicating temptation

Three years ago, Suzanne Austin dumped wealthy playboy and wine heir Daryle Catterton— and hasn't regretted it once. Now the owner of the hottest cupcake shop in San Francisco, her only relationship is with her business and she likes it that way ... until Daryle shows up with a business proposal she can't afford to refuse.

She knows Daryle will hold up his end of the deal, but can she hold up hers without losing her head when their old chemistry gets uncorked?

After finishing Falling for the Prodigal Son, I had to have a snout around and see what else Julia Gabriel had to offer, and seeing this was available on Amazon, I quickly downloaded and devoured it as soon as humanly possible.

Cupcakes and Chardonnay is an extremely short read, so parts of the plot were rushed, and felt a little false and unbelievable at times, but, truth be told, I wasn’t expecting a hugely realistic read after reading the synopsis!

The romance in Cupcakes and Chardonnay was okay, I can’t say I fully believed the main character would give into the proposal as easily as she did, but parts of the story were quite fun and even touching in places.

A fun, easy to digest read, although if you prefer your romance to be realistic, maybe steer clear of this one!

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