Book Review: Falling for the Prodigal Son by Julia Gabriel

November 24, 2014

Book Review: Falling for the Prodigal Son by Julia GabrielFalling For the Prodigal Son by Julia Gabriel
Published by Serif Books on 4th March 2013
Source: Kindle Freebie
Pages: 194
A sweet summer romance set on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay

A wealthy heir ...

All Sterling Matthew wants is to get his family's resort back on sound financial footing—and then leave sleepy St. Caroline for good. He expected the inn's staff to resist the radical business changes he has to make. What he didn't expect was to find skinny, gawky Lucy Wyndham all grown up.

A woman who's pulled herself up by the bootstraps ...

For years, Lucy wondered whether she'd ever catch another glimpse of the tall, quiet boy she'd crushed on at the Chesapeake Inn's summer camp for disadvantaged kids. Now he's her boss—and the attraction is just as strong. When Sterling informs her that the camp must be eliminated to improve the resort's bottom line, Lucy embarks on an ambitious campaign to save it—even if the price is her job ... and her heart.

And a teenage infatuation that's all grown up.


Sometimes I just want to pick up something light-hearted and easy to read. Something that’s just purely entertaining and maybe a little bit cheesy too. And yes, Falling for the Prodigal Sun fits the bill entirely.

It was going to take a lot for me to not like this book. It had everything: a perfect setting, a chemistry filled romance and yes, a slightly predictable plot. I don’t mind predictability at times, particularly when it’s a ‘fluffier’ read like this one.

Lucy was a good main character, she’s not quite a Mary Sue as she’s got a huge spark about her and is willing to fight for what she wants until she gets it. I really wanted to dislike Sterling, particularly because he hates the camp and gives Lucy such a hard time over it, but I just couldn’t do it, which is even more frustrating than just outright disliking him! His chemistry with Lucy was well written and I loved that they had a past with one another that actually explained why they acted the way they did in the present.

Falling for the Prodigal Son was the perfectly easy summer read I needed it to be. It was entertaining, didn’t require a huge amount of thought whilst reading but certainly kept me turning the pages at a steady rate until I’d finished.

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